I’m truly thrilled to be announcing and sharing the news with everyone about the launch of our Social Wall here on at Fashion Fix.

Through the seasons via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter we have enjoyed sharing our thoughts and women’s fashion collections as well as interacting with our friends, supporters and customers alike.

What we are so excited about is we now have the ability to create and share our very own fashion hub containing all of the aforementioned social streams. It will provide a ‘hopefully’ invaluable and defiantly interesting women’s fashion marketplace in which to review and share all of our collective thoughts and inspirations.

Whether local to our women’s fashion store here in the Cotswolds or one of our clients and friends across the globe we now have the means to access and share feedback, thoughts, wishes, news, offers, competitions and inspirations with each other about women’s fashion here in the UK and beyond!

This year has been exciting one as I have travelled to Paris, Madrid and Italy to source the most inspiring of woman’s fashion collections. I believe all fashion should be inclusive: for all ages, for all sizes, affordable in price and produced by designers that are passionate about their art.

In an age of sometimes frustrating predictability within the fashion sector and high street I believe that independent niche fashion brands have so much to offer us all.

It is with this belief we have combined our very own collection of fashion labels and brands supplying a rich selection of women’s dresses, tops, trousers handbags, shoes and accessories from such designer labels as: Lulu H, 101 Idees, For Her In Paris, Frime, Queens and OPL from Paris. Carmela Shoes from Spain, Giuliana from Italy and Purplish and Shikha from London.

I’ve been passionate about women’s fashion all of my life. I love to source and retail clothing that I find so inspirational. What will be so enjoyable is sharing your thoughts on our current collections, products and feedback and of course for future seasons too.

Let’s start the journey. Visit our Woman’s Fashion Social Wall.